“Wiksell Mallory Productions brings a creative collaboration to the table that I rarely see. They provided sound design for our film, working against an incredibly crazy schedule, but not once sacrificing quality or collaboration with the producer/director as a result. The film has been requested to screen and has won at film festivals, an accomplishment that would not have been possible without the help of these two highly talented gentlemen.”

- Amber Mikesell, Producer/Director

“We came to Charles and Parker searching for a very distinct sound, and they were able to work within our timeframe and budget to deliver exactly what was asked. They did this not once, not twice, but three separate times with every track being an original interpretation.”

- Timothy M. Flaherty, Owner/Director – Post House, LLC

“Wiksell Mallory Productions has provided an incredibly versatile array of music for our show FRAMELINES on PBS. We needed music that ranges from techno to acoustic to pop-rock, and they gave it all to us, perfectly ready for broadcast.”

- Peter John Ross, Co-Creator, Director, Editor, and Executive Producer of “Framelines” (PBS)

“Their passion for the work is unsurpassed – which translates directly to the quality of the final product. To see them work, and to hear what they’re both capable of is truly amazing.”

- Mike McNeese, Owner, Director, Videographer – Echo Productions.

“Parker and Charles have scored five projects I’ve made, and they never cease to amaze me with their mad musical skills. These guys are truly incredible musicians and composers. I’d highly recommend them!”

- scOtt summitt, Co-Creator, “Two Doors Down – The Web Series”

“Their music really helps propel the movie forward with great timing and queues that helped keep the audience engaged with the story. I couldn’t have asked for better help putting the music & audio edit together!”

- J Michael Lewis, Creator – “Mr. Frights Presents”

“Parker and Charles have done a fabulous job of creating the original music for ‘Two Doors Down.’”

- Louie Cowan, Co-Creator, “Two Doors Down – The Web Series”

“Charles and Parker scored our 48 Hour Film Project film ‘Temping Fate.’ I’ve worked with both of them before, and they rock the casbah!”

- Amy Talbott, Team Co-Leader – See Spot Film, a 48 Hour Film Project, Columbus, Ohio

“I’ve worked with both of these fellas and they are the bombs! They are really creative, open, and genuine people! I would work with them again in a heartbeat!”

- Za Unitt, Actor, Musician

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