Composer Charles MalloryCharles Mallory
Composer, Producer, Recording Engineer.

Charles is a composer, recording engineer, producer, music director, orchestrator, arranger, and keyboardist living in Columbus, OH. He began composing at the age of 8 while taking private piano lessons and determined as a teenager to turn his love for music into a life-long passion. To that end, Charles completed undergraduate studies at Baylor University with a B.M. in composition. He went on to work on his Master’s Degree in composition at Rice University and has served as music director at several churches in Houston and Dallas.

Charles is now focusing on composing for film and television. Charles’ credits include scoring with Parker Wiksell a national television commercial campaign (AMC, Comedy Central, ESPN, and MTV), the theme song and music for a PBS television series, 8 short films, including the award-winning films DEAFENING, Night Prey, and Imagine This, a situation comedy web series, and a corporate training video. The premier of Charles’ song cycle “Four Poems by Emily Dickinson” for soprano voice, cello, and piano was presented by his daughter Melissa Mallory at her senior voice recital at San Jose State University. His arrangements have been performed by St. Luke’s Orchestra, New York City, St. George’s Episcopal Church Choir, New York City, the St. Olaf Orchestra, St. Martin’s Episcopal Church Choir, Houston, Texas, and Truro Episcopal Church Choir, Fairfax, Virginia.


Composer Parker WiksellParker Wiksell
Composer, Producer, Recording Engineer.

Parker is a multi-talented artist, with over 20 years of professional experience in the following roles in the entertainment industry:

  • Composer
  • Musician
  • Actor
  • Singer
  • Voice Talent
  • Model
  • Producer
  • Recording Engineer

He began singing publicly at the age of 7 and decided as a teenager to make the pursuit of excellence in media his life-long goal.

Parker has won several awards throughout his career for his work as a musician, composer, singer and actor, including his score for Imagine This, the 2009 Best Picture-winning short film (alongside co-composer Charles Mallory), as well as cameo acting role.


Composer/Musician Thomas MalloryThomas Mallory
Composer, Producer, Recording Engineer.

Thomas is an accomplished multi instrumentalist, composer, recording engineer, and producer living in Arlington, TX. He began his studies in piano and vocal performance at an early age, moving to trumpet, coronet, and guitar while in junior high and high school before finally finding his place behind the drum set. Thomas grew up playing in the church band and singing in the choir, which eventually led to leading worship for youth events and services at his own church, as well others in the community.

Thomas has been a member of several performing groups and bands in the roles of songwriter, singer, guitarist, and keyboardist. Most recently, he was the drummer in the bands “june” and “The Last Romantica.” He regularly performs original music live with his band and other artists locally in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington.

Thomas has been engineering professionally for 7+ years and is currently the co-owner and audio engineer at The Ninja Cowboy Recording Studios. He has also scored several short films.


Charles’ and Parker’s Joint Credits:

Hands Off Productions’ “‘Til Death”: Co-Composers (Winner of multiple awards)

Sonnyboo Productions: Producers – Podcast (Theme Music)
DEAFENING (48 Hour Film Project winner of Best Sound Design in Columbus, OH): Co-composers – Short Film
Vianda’s Enzyte 24/7: Co-Composers – National TV Commercial Campaign (AMC, Comedy Central, ESPN, and MTV)

Through the Flowers (Lady Filmmakers Film Festival winner for Best Halloween Teaser): Sound Design – Short Film
A Cellphone Monologue: Co-composers – 2 Short Films
Two Doors Down: Co-composers – Situation Comedy Web Series (Series)
Temping Fate: Co-composers – Short Film
Framelines: Co-composers – TV Series (Series and Theme Music, winner of 2 Telly™ Awards and Emmy™ nominated)

Gnaw: Co-composers – Short Film
Night Prey (48 Hour Film Project winner for best choreography in Columbus, OH): Co-composers – Short Film
Mettler Toledo: Co-composers – Corporate Video
Tansky Sawmill Toyota: Co-Composers – TV Commercial Campaign

Threshold: Co-composers – Short Film
Imagine This (48 Hour Film Project winner of best film in Columbus, OH): Co-composers – Short Film
Two Doors Down: Co-composers – Situation Comedy Web Series (Series and Theme Song)

Individual Credits – Charles:

Church at Polaris: Keyboardist, Producer – Live Series

Impact Camp: Keyboardist, Producer – Live Concert

Hesed Winds: Producer, Arranger, Recording Engineer – Album
A Night to Honor Israel: Music Director, Producer, Arranger, Keyboardist – Live Concert

Four Poems by Emily Dickinson: Composer – Premier Performance at San Jose State University
Alleluia, He is Coming: Orchestrator, Arranger – Album (the St. Martin’s Episcopal Church Choir of Houston, Texas and the St. Olaf Orchestra)

Individual Credits – Parker:

Church at Polaris: Sound Engineer, Musician, Producer – Live Services

Impact Camp: Sound Engineer, Musician, Producer – Live Concert

Sony Entertainment: Voice Over Talent – Trailer
Veeseo: Voice Over Talent – Voice Recognition Software

Luxottica: Voice Over Talent – Website Narration

Hesed Winds: Guitarist – Album
A Night to Honor Israel: Guitarist – Live Concert

Individual Credits – Thomas:

Wolf and Lamb (The Last Romantica): Co-songwriter, Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Background Vocals, Recording Engineer, Producer – Album

World Ball: Composer – Internet Commercial

Nine to Five: Composer – Short Film

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