FRAMELINES nominated for an Emmy™

Emmy Award

The TECH TIP segments from FRAMELINES have been nominated for an Emmy™ award!  Wiksell Mallory Productions provided original library music for underscoring the segments, and wrote both the theme music and title scores.  We are proud of the accomplishments of Sonnyboo Productions and honored to have worked on this project.

FRAMELINES doesn’t happen without the generous support of our sponsors, SABOSTUDIOS, TAPE CENTRAL, THE OHIO ARTS COUNCIL, and THE GREATER COLUMBUS ARTS COUNCIL!

Their goal has always been to educate aspiring filmmakers and that has been embodied by the Tech Tip sections.  Filmmakers have consistently been FRAMELINES’ biggest draw for online views, and now FRAMELINES has been recognized by the Academy.

Read more about FRAMELINES, or check out the Emmy™ nomination list (page 9, category 25).

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